ViRAZE Founder Robert Ricciardi Issued New Patent for Potent Poxvirus Inhibitors

ViRAZE founder, Professor Robert Ricciardi (University of Pennsylvania), has been issued a composition of matter patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office for the invention of new potent poxvirus inhibitors (US 9,233,921).  The patent identifies several chemical compounds for inhibiting, treating, or abrogating poxvirus infections. The poxvirus family includes many prominent viruses, most notably the smallpox and Molluscum contagiosum viruses. The patent’s compounds target specific mechanisms of poxvirus DNA replication.

This patent builds on the overall intellectual property portfolio and further advances the proprietary discoveries that will drive ViRAZE’s smallpox program as well as aid in the development of ViRAZE’s other drug development programs.

About ViRAZE

ViRAZE is an emerging biotechnology company utilizing a patented high throughput screening (HTS) technology to discover and develop first-in-class new small molecules to treat viral diseases.  Please visit our website for further information:

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